Happy Chinese New Year!

Last night, Tia and I got the gang together and celebrated the Year of the Horse in style!

There was lots of cooking of food…


Tia’s contribution of wonton and hot & sour soup:



Fried noodles (the longer the noodles, the longer your life!) with chicken and peppers, beef & tomato fried rice, mandarin oranges (lucky to eat because the word for these in Chinese sounds like “gold” – we’re all about the food puns), bok choy with shitake mushrooms, BBQ pork and roast pork, and lettuce wraps with pork & oyster filling. Mm, mm, good.

20140201-091939.jpg 20140201-091947.jpg 20140201-091954.jpg 20140201-092003.jpg

Chinese New Year is all about getting together with your loved ones and celebrating a new year, obviously, so it was great to have our little Chicago family come together 🙂  I’m guessing everyone liked the food?


Also, we ended the evening with some epic games of Jenga (Red Sox edition – Boston represent!)…

20140201-092029.jpg 20140201-092021.jpg 20140201-092036.jpg

Anyone have their own special events (cultural or otherwise) you like to celebrate in a particular way each year? I can’t imagine ever not eating some of these foods for Chinese New Year!




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