8K Training Update

While Tia is away frolicking and stuffing her face with delicious food in Jamaica, you guys get to hear all about the fun times I’m having in Chiberia!!!

2014-02-08 Snowy Chicago P001

Just kidding, it is still the worst here. And it’s snowing again 😦

Anyway, I completed my second week of following Hal Highdon’s 8K training plan. This included alternating days of shorter runs with days dedicated to strength and cross-training. Every week of the plan culminates in the “long” run of the week, which increases by half a mile each week until you get to 5. I’m scheduled to do a 4-miler tomorrow, but might move it to today because what else am I going to do? Go to the beach?

I am liking the mix of activities so far that this plan provides. For the cross-training days, I have been hopping on the elliptical at the gym, and for strength-training, I usually look up workouts on YouTube or Pinterest to follow along with. So far, my favorites have been full-body strengthening/toning workouts that require either just your own body weight or a set of light dumbbells (I have a pair of 3lb and 5lb dumbbells that is about as much weight as I can handle right now in my weakling state). Fitness Blender is a YouTube channel that provides completely free full-length videos, or shorter workouts that you can mix and match. Fitsugar is similar, but with an emphasis on short workouts. Both are awesome budget-friendly options for people like me who don’t want to spend money on a gym membership – The one in my apartment building is free for tenants, but only has a few cardio and weight machines, so these videos are a good complement.

As for the running days, all I need is a full bottle of water, my sneaks, and my handy iPad for entertainment and I’m good to go.


Wish me luck – I’ve never run 4 miles continuously before… Eek!



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