Valentine’s Day Weekend in Michigan

Well, I couldn’t let Tia have all the fun with her tropical travels, so Chris and I headed over to Michigan this Valentine’s Day weekend for some time in the sun of our own, if by sun you mean more snow and cold.

We both ended up taking the day off of work, so we got brunch first at Yolk and I got flowers!

I call this one "Tina figures out photo filters."

I call this one “Tina figures out photo filters.”

Don’t worry – I returned the favor. Guys need Valentine’s Day love too…

2014-02-14 Valentines Day P002

Perks of working for a greeting card company 😉

Then we hopped onto the Megabus and were on our way to Michigan – Chris is originally (and very proudly) from there, so he knows all the good places to go. During our weekend trip, we ended up making 2 stops at Clubhouse BFD, a bar with excellent drink selections, including this delicious Bourbon Mayan Mocha, a stout that tasted like chocolate.

2014-02-14 Michigan Clubhouse BFD P001

I also had another stout that tasted and smelled like Creme Brulee – It was amazing and over 9% alcohol by volume, so I slept well that night, haha.

And of course, we couldn’t leave without getting a taste of that fine local establishment, Olive Garden…

2014-02-15 Michigan Olive Garden P001

No hate – This was delicious and super-filling. We were especially psyched for the unlimited salad and breadsticks. Say what you want about chain restaurants, but they rarely disappoint.

Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day! My office was littered in leftover candy and it was very difficult to only have a million Reese’s peanut butter cups today, but hey, you gotta have willpower.




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