BBQ Chicken & Roasted Zucchini

Maybe it’s all the House of Cards we’ve been watching (Anyone finish Season 2 yet? I haven’t, so no spoilers!), but much like Frank Underwood at Freddy’s Joint, we’ve been down for some BBQ.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any ribs to chow down on, but we still managed – Here was last night’s dinner, brought to you by Chef Chris (he objected to being called “the boyf,” FYI):

2014-02-18 Roasted Zucchini P0012014-02-18 Roasted Zucchini P0032014-02-17 BBQ Chicken P001

That’s chicken breast baked with BBQ sauce, with a side of roasted zucchini slices. If you’re wondering why the zucchini looks different in the pictures, it’s because it tasted so good and was so easy to make last night, that we repeated this meal tonight! We used slightly different spice combinations each night and they were equally delicious – My only warning would be not to go too crazy with the Sriracha, as it really overpowered the other flavors when we tried it. What – You don’t put Sriracha on everything? Just me?



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