10 Minute Meal: Tilapia & Spinach

Now it’s raining in Chicago…and all the snow is melting. You’d think I’d be thrilled, but now there are puddles the size of Lake Michigan EVERYWHERE.

Anyways, I couldn’t wait to rush home. Here’s a super quick dinner idea.

Throw some tilapia into a pan with the spices of your choice. I used chili powder, minced garlic, black pepper, and another seasoning blend I had on hand.

2014-02-20 18.04.57


To help it cook quickly, I stirred it up.

Tonight, I decided to serve it on a bed of rice with some sauteed spinach.

Another idea…top some tortillas with the spinach and tilapia for easy fish tacos.

10 minutes – That’s it!

2014-02-20 18.32.03

What’s your favorite quick meal?

~ Tia


4 thoughts on “10 Minute Meal: Tilapia & Spinach

  1. I’m feeling ya on the puddles! It’s the same here in the Cincinnati area. So excited to go for a walk in weather over 60 degrees only to find huge ponds flooding out sidewalks.
    The universe is telling me to make some fish tacos, pronto. Thanks for the added inspiration!

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