Have you ever been in a food court and thought, “This is perfect, but I wish my meal was way more expensive,” or “If only I could buy the ingredients for what I’m eating right here, for twice the cost of what I paid for the meal…”

Well, if you’re in Chicago, no worries – Eataly has arrived! Hahaha – Of course, I’m just joking up there. Chris and I finally had a chance to check out the new location of the gourmet grocery store/Italian foodie paradise tonight. We were mostly overwhelmed with the sheer number of options of where you can eat! Also, even after being open for a few months, it was still really crowded, making navigation difficult.

We still managed to check out 2 places: The Birreria and the Pasta & Pizza restaurant. It was all around great food and very fast service.

2014-02-22 19.00.47 2014-02-22 17.54.55 2014-02-22 18.07.17 2014-02-22 18.44.12

We were too stuffed for gelato or Nutella after dinner, but there’s always next time!



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