10 Minute Meal: Tofu & Black Bean Bowl

2014-02-23 18.40.02

When CJ lived in the River North, we would frequently order from a place called EatFit.

My favorite meal on the menu was the Greek Salad with Chicken, but CJ would always order the Chicken and Black Bean Bowl. It consisted of brown rice, chicken, black beans, shredded carrots, and red bell pepper, topped with some kind of light dressing.

Unfortunately, EatFit doesn’t deliver to the West Loop. CJ was so disappointed, that a few months ago, I tried to recreate the recipe for him…except with tofu. And the impossible happened. He decided he liked it even more! I’ve been begged to make this dish on a weekly basis now. Luckily it is super easy and super inexpensive.

I’ve experimented with several different dressings, but this is CJ’s favorite combo. When a meat-eating guy requests you swap out chicken for tofu…I don’t even know what to say.

2014-02-23 17.52.31

Saute all the ingredients until fully cooked. Serve over rice (or quinoa). This would also be great in a wrap.

2014-02-23 18.38.17

Do you ever recreate restaurant meals?



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