“Chicken Parmesan” & Bruschetta

CJ is Italian and he likes to judge Italian restaurants by how their waiters pronounce “bruschetta.”

The correct Italian pronunciation is “brus-ketta,” but most people in the US just say “bru-shetta.”

Whenever we try a new Italian restaurant, (we went to Viaggio over the weekend) he orders “brus-ketta,” and the waiter always responds, “Sure, the bru-shetta.”

It drives CJ crazy. We’ve been to 1 restaurant where it was pronounced right.

Anyways, I decided to try my hand at making bruschetta.

2014-02-24 18.04.29


2014-02-24 18.39.46


2014-02-24 19.07.20


I also made “Chicken Parmesan” based off of Iowa Girl Eat’s recipe. I put “Chicken Parmesan” in quotes because it doesn’t actually involve breaded chicken or parmesan (she suggested using mozzarella).

2014-02-27 18.13.05

2014-02-27 18.16.58


2014-02-27 18.45.22


2014-02-27 19.02.15


~ Tia


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