“Fancy” Pasta

I think 2 of the most versatile ingredients you can have on hand is pasta and kielbasa sausage. I think pasta is a standard for most people, but maybe not the sausage. Hear me out: If you are a meat-eater, you can quickly cook it and throw it into most meals. I’ve had it in stir-fry’s, sandwiches, omelette, or just plain mixed with veggies. One of the first meals I ever cooked for myself was kielbasa with broccoli. I called this masterpiece, “Kielbasa Broccoli.”

My point is, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Case and point: This easy way to jazz up regular old pasta that I had tonight.

While the pasta was boiling, I sliced up about half of a kielbasa sausage and sautéed it with some sliced mushrooms…


…added some marinara sauce…


…and used it to top off my rotini!


Easy and quick! (That’s what she said.)




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