Finally Friday!

This was the longest week at work! Without going into a lot of detail, another team at my company made a mistake, and my team had to spend the better part of the week fixing it. Grr.

We got beer after work (there’s a company bar…existing probably for situations like the above) and then I met up with Tina and our friends for Chipotle. We chatted away and stayed 45 minutes past closing. Oops. Topics included the Oscars and John Travolta’s horrific attempt at pronouncing Idina Menzel’s name, and the definition of “bigamy,” which Tina ended up googling on her phone (we were discussing the TLC show, Sister Wives.)

I got back, and CJ had ordered me a second dinner (Ginger Tofu) in case I got hungry after eating Chipotle. Haha.

2014-03-07 20.30.57


Hope everyone is having a fun Friday!

Does anyone else think it’s nice to just do something low key on Friday after a long week at work? Or would you rather party it up?



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