Weekend Eats

Hi Everyone!

This weekend felt so short – and I guess it really was one hour shorter.

I didn’t do too much besides eat and watch TV…my kinda weekend. We’re done with House of Cards though! I’ll try not to spoil anything but if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.



On Saturday, CJ and I continued celebrating our anniversary. We got up late and went to Mercadito for brunch/lunch. I was there recently with my coworkers, and I was dying to go back. Unfortunately, I forgot both my camera and phone so CJ offered up his phone so I could grab a quick picture. He’s come a long way 🙂 (He used to hate it when people took pictures of their food).


We shared the carne (steak) tacos, pancakes with manchego cheese, strawberries, and cinnamon butter, guacamole/chips, and a strawberry and blueberry drink.

Next, we headed to the movie theater to see the Liam Neeson movie, Non-Stop. Not an Oscar contender my any means, but I thought it was a pretty decent action movie. Did you know Liam Neeson is 61? I hope I’m still kicking ass at that age 😉

After the movie, we went to Nordstrom, Express, and Banana Republic before heading to dinner. The plan was to get Italian food, but we decided we felt like sushi instead.

image (1)

We headed to Sushi Taiyo for miso soup, a Red Dragon roll (tuna, avocado, salmon, spicy mayo), salmon rolls, and an avocado roll.

This morning, we went to brunch at Yolk to celebrate what I jokingly call our “brunchaversary.”  For our second date, we met SEPARATELY for brunch. Yolk recently opened a location in the West Loop which is GREAT. No wait > 1 hr 30 min wait. For sure.

2014-03-09 12.38.51

I had my regular, the California omelette – egg whites with avocado, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, garlic, jack, swiss, cheddar and sour cream.

CJ had the special, the Pumpkin Roll French Toast. It was amazing and reminded me of the holidays.


I think we will be scrounging around for leftovers tonight.

Who is excited for St. Patrick’s Day? My plans are still TBD.

Tina, what do you want to do?



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