First of all, just wanted to let you all know that today was my third day in a row waking up early to exercise before work! More benefits that I’ve discovered to doing this: The gym is not crowded at all. Fewer people means less (perceived) judgment over what I’m watching on my iPad…Okay, I’m sure no one cares, but I do remember attempting to watch an episode of Girls once and being fairly certain that everyone around me thought I was watching pornography – Hey, whatever motivates you to get moving! Anyway, I’m feeling this groove so far. Let’s see if I can make it a full work week!

I totally copied Tia’s dinner from this night. In my defense, I also wanted to make it when I saw it on Iowa Girl Eats! I tried not to be a total copycat, though, and served it with a side of spiralized zucchini. I got this spiral slicer as a Christmas gift and I was so excited to bust it out again!

2014-03-12 18.55.13

I just quickly sauteed the zucchini “noodles” with some salt, pepper, and pesto sauce.

2014-03-12 19.11.10

And voila! A totally original, not copied meal 😉    (This is not very pretty, but my stomach never judges books by their covers.)

2014-03-12 19.17.05

On a totally unrelated note, Chris got me hooked on this ridiculous game where you basically try to position numbers so they double and get to 2048. Try it out and see if you can play for less than a million hours.

Anyone come across any other silly, but awesome, internet finds recently? I’m always looking for new sources of entertainment and my humor is pretty juvenile, so no need to try and impress me with any high-brow stuff.



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