Repeat Meal, New Workout

Hi Everyone!

It’s me again. Tina is still off enjoying the glorious San Francisco weather. Lucky.

I CAN’T wait for it to warm up or at least stop snowing. One, because it’s officially Spring. Also because I want to wear this bag, and I don’t want to take it out in the snow.

2014-03-24 20.52.06


Yesterday night, I prepped Slow Cooker Turkey Chili for tonight dinner. This time, I put in half a red bell pepper leftover from Saturday’s egg scramble, and served it with half an avocado.

2014-03-23 21.38.17


2014-03-24 19.15.32

2014-03-24 19.18.44


I knew dinner was going to be ready when I got home, so when my old coworker Michaela asked if i wanted to get a drink after work with her friend, I said sure.

I didn’t get any pictures, but we had red wine and appetizers at McCormick and Schmick’s.

I did cardio the past two days, so tonight I’m going to do Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful workout.

Fitnessista and Peanut Butter Fingers recently posted about this oh-so-sore leg workout you can stream on Amazon. I tried it last week, and man my legs hurt after! But in a good way. And I’m coming back for more, so I think that means I’d recommend it.

Talk to you guys later!



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