San Francisco

That’s right, I’m back! I was lucky enough to spend the last 5 days in sunny San Francisco! My brother, my entire mom’s side of the family, and one of my cousin’s on my dad’s side and his family all live in that area – I really do get to visit people from the best places… I definitely won’t complain about the chance to escape this so-called midwestern “spring” we’ve been having. Lies!

As with most of my vacations, there was lots of drinking and eating involved.

On Friday, my brother and his friend took Chris and me out to Napa where we started off strong at Morimoto, of Iron Chef fame. Chris and I shared a lunch special with some extra sushi rolls for good measure. Because, y’know, we weren’t sure if there’d be enough food.

2014-03-21 13.08.10

Of course, we couldn’t leave Napa without visiting a vineyard. My brother is a member at Frog’s Leap Winery, so we got a free tasting and great samplings of wine. If you’re a nice member and know your stuff, like my brother is and does, they’ll even serve you off menu. The last time Chris and I visited Napa, we checked out 2 other places and we both agreed that Frog’s Leap has been the best so far. It has a very casual atmosphere and an interesting story. They pride themselves on being completely organic and non-irrigated (though Chris saw piping in the vineyard that might suggest otherwise…suspicious). You are also free to take your wine and wander the grounds, which we were happy to do. They had also had roosters!

2014-03-21 14.38.05

2014-03-21 15.09.52

2014-03-21 15.06.58

Saturday was National Corndog Day (By the way, is it “corndog” or “corn dog”?)! Did you know that was a thing??? Well, it is and it’s awesome. We checked out a food truck festival celebrating the event downtown. I will not post the pictures of me eating my amazing Louisiana Hotlink Corndog because they came out unattractive and kind of dirty, if you are a perv. But here’s an idea of what was served. Mm, so good when it hits your lips.

2014-03-22 13.01.02-1

Also, yes, I had a fried KitKat as well. We had to keep it light for dinner after a day of eating corndogs and drinking PBR, so obviously we had Korean BBQ at Gogi Time. Literally, that means “meat time,” and it lives up to its name.

2014-03-22 19.34.18

Topped off with some delicious drinks at my cousin’s house later that evening…

2014-03-22 21.21.59

Lime juice + vodka + ginger beer = party in my mouth.

The rest of the trip is a blur of more eating and imbibing. I got some quality dim sum, including my favorite…CHICKEN FEET!

2014-03-25 11.07.20

Oh yeah, come to mama. I know a lot of people will not find the above picture attractive, including both Chris and Tia. No worries – More for me!

Anyway, it’s back to the real world for me today. I am already missing the California warmth and general ability to be outside without a coat.

2014-03-21 13.56.39

The temps are supposed to rise just in time for our Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday, though! I ran 5 miles on the treadmill after work today and am now officially on “leg rest” until the race. I am pretty confident I can finish without passing out at this point. Whoohoo!

Anyone go on any fun trips recently? Chris says I only travel to visit family (I can’t help it if they live in fun cities!), but it would definitely be cool to go somewhere just because it’s awesome!




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