Race Fuel

It’s been all about preparing for the Shamrock Shuffle over here!

Obviously, you must properly fuel your body with lots of healthy food…

2014-03-28 19.33.41 2014-03-28 19.36.36


Funky mood lighting courtesy of Butterfly Sushi. And in case you were wondering about the first picture…Yes, Tia did order 4 salmon avacado rolls. That’s how we roll, yo (sushi pun!).

Also key to one’s 8K training is watching movies that offer a glimpse into a possible distopian future. The better to motivate you to get in shape and run unless you want to be factionless, or something. In other words, I saw Divergent today.

Based on a young adult novel by Veronica Roth, a fellow Northwestern alum who graduated a year AFTER me and Tia, the movie is actually a little bit better than the book. The story overall has gained a lot of criticism for being a rip-off of the Hunger Games, but if you can get past that, it’s fairly enjoyable. At dinner last night, Chris, who just finished reading the first book, and Tia, who read 4 chapters and stopped, agreed that the envisioned world of the book/movie is very cool and different, but the writing is not very good. Either way, Veronica Roth is now probably a millionaire and Tia and I regret not making friends with her at NU when we still had a chance to lock those money bags down. Not that we knew her or could have foreseen her great future success.

On the agenda for tonight is more carbo-loading (lasagna for dinner!) and then we’re off to the Shuffle tomorrow! Wish us luck!



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