Manly Meal

Can we get some BBQ weather up in herrrrre please?

I’m not an overly big fan of summer, to be honest. I don’t like getting hot or sweaty, I don’t really like the beach, I don’t go tanning, and the whole season is just a big bugfest in my eyes (I HATE insects, by the way). I can get behind grilling and eating outside, though. And this miserable winter Chicago has had is probablymaking me itch for warmer temps more than usual.

Anyway, until the sun comes out to stay for real, I have a trusty grill pan I can use to mimic the BBQ experience indoors.

 2014-03-16 19.22.03

What non-vegetarian can say no to some grilled ribeye steaks? These were a little leaner cut so they cooked up pretty quick and all I prepped them with was some steak seasoning. Eas’ to the peas’, my friends.

2014-03-16 19.32.31

I served these babies up with some mashed potaters (boxed, the only way to do it for lazy bums like me) and broccoli steamed with some herbs. What a manly meal. I should go drink a beer, chest bump some dude, and spit, or something.

Any fellow fans of al fresco dining out there? Or are you just sick of talking about the weather in general? I know, it’s the worst – How many times can you hear and respond to, “Is it cold enough out there for ya????”



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