Happy Birthday Meghan!

Sorry, Tia and I have been a little MIA this weekend – We were busy celebrating our good friend Meghan’s birthday!!!

We headed out to Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery, just a train ride outside the city.

The food and drinks were satisfying and plentiful…

2014-04-05 20.48.47 2014-04-05 19.38.37 2014-04-05 19.38.51

Our house-brewed beers, my chipotle burger, and Tia’s fish & chips were just the tip of the deliciousness that was served.

Unfortunately, I got so caught up taking food pictures, that I forgot to take any people pictures! Sorry Meghan! I took a bunch of pictures of the whole group in my head 🙂

Flossmoor Station had a very cool, fun, and relaxed atmosphere, in addition to the good food. It stood in stark contrast to when we got back to the city later that night and Chris and I attempted to meet up with one of his friends at a club downtown. We found her at the front of the block-long line and were luckily able to sneak in with her without waiting, and then it was just a mess of crowded bars and dance floors, too dark lighting, and too loud music…

…That just made me sound super old – Oh no!

Are we getting too old for the rowdy nightlife scene?? I’m about a year away from yelling at kids to get off my lawn.




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