Already Monday

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already Monday.

I don’t think Tina is thrilled about it either. First thing this morning, I sign into Gmail, and she immediately chats me “Ugh, Monday.” Haha.

I had a pretty good weekend.

On Friday, CJ and I went to see the new Captain America movie at Icon Theater in the South Loop. We figured we’d try it out for opening night since there are assigned seats and you can also have dinner and drinks at your seat. However, we got hungry around 7pm (tickets were for 9:10pm) and just ended up eating dinner at home. When we got there, the guy in the seat next to me was munching on a large cheese and meat platter and couple of beers. I immediately decided I wanted food after all, but by then, we  only had 15 minutes before the movie started, which apparently wasn’t enough time to order food. Anyways, the movie was really good, and I’d highly recommend it.

On Saturday, I made French Toast with cinnamon raisin bread, almond milk, and almond extract, as well as an egg scramble with ham, avocado, mozzarella, and my favorite Campari tomatoes.  In the evening, we headed to the suburbs to celebrate Meghan’s birthday!

2014-04-05 12.13.442014-04-05 12.18.41

On Sunday, CJ and I went to Yolk for brunch with his coworkers.

I had a fajita-inspired omelette with grilled chicken, onions, peppers, guacamole, and sour cream. Delicious. I took a picture, but I don’t know what happened to it!

CJ’s coworker had a fruit and yogurt parfait served in half a pineapple.


I also went on my first run since the 8K. We spent rest of the night eating Thai-takeout and catching up on How I Met Your Mother.

Today, I didn’t have too much going on at work, so I headed over to Sephora during my lunch break to pick up some goodies during their 15% off sale.

2014-04-07 14.22.29

On the way back, I swung by Jamba Juice  for a Strawberry Surf Rider and a flatbread. The smoothie pretty much froze my esophagus, but it was worth it.

2014-04-07 13.16.49

Plans for tonight? TAXES. I’m so behind this year.

How was everyone’s weekend? Am I the only person who hasn’t filed their taxes yet? I’m such a procrastinator.







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