Three Dots and a Dash

Not going to lie: As I type this, I might still be a little tipsy…

That is to say, Tia and I decided to meet up with Meghan at a tiki bar called Three Dots and a Dash after work to celebrate the lovely above-50 weather that graced Chicago today. We all agreed that everything about this place screamed “tiki” except for the lighting.

2014-04-09 17.38.01


2014-04-09 17.41.27

Yeah, if these pictures look bad, it’s totally just bad lighting, not that I took them on my iPhone or anything 😉

But for realz, it was very dark at this place, and the drinks and food were on the pricier side. However, the drinks were very potent, so I guess that makes up for it. We had spring rolls (unpictured) with dipping sauces, and “luau” chips with pineapple guacamole as well. None of us knew what to think of the chips, which were not normal chips and we couldn’t figure out what they were made out of. Everything else was very tasty.

Anyway, it was nice to get together for a little something different.

Anyone else a fan of happy hours? Do you have a usual spot or do you like switching it up?



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