Weekend Brunch

Between Tina and me, we’ve collectively been to Yolk about one million times in the past month or so. Time for something different!

On Saturday, CJ, his coworkers, and I went to Yum Cha, a new dim sum place downtown. I’ve only been to a handful of dim sum restaurants, so I’m not an expert by any means, but I thought it was pretty good. The owner even came out to introduce himself and offer complimentary soup dumplings, so I consider that a win. CJ’s coworker thought the dishes were a bit overpriced compared to the prices in Chinatown, and that the tea was horrible. I’ll have to go with Tina some time and let her judge!

2014-04-12 11.45.58 2014-04-12 11.44.13

2014-04-12 11.41.492014-04-12 11.41.55


This morning, CJ and I went to Karen’s on Green, a vegan restaurant in the West Loop. Last summer, we went to dinner, not knowing it was a vegan establishment, so we were surprised when the waiter told us. (The menu has items like “chicken legs” and “crab cakes” that are actually made with soy products.)

Anyways, I had a tofu scrambler with potato hash, squash bacon, and a biscuit.

2014-04-13 11.56.14

CJ had the Coconut Cream French Toast.

2014-04-13 11.56.19


I thought the food was decent, but the biscuit was kind of dry, and the menu stated “mushroom bacon,” but I was given squash bacon. CJ’s french toast was tasty, but he ate everything in 5 minutes and was still hungry.

Overall, I’m glad we tried it out, but probably won’t be going back for brunch any time soon.

The restaurant does have a full bar and a lounge area, so I think it’d be fun to get drinks there.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



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