Southern Comfort Food

Sometimes the simplest foods are the best…

2 chicken breasts cooked and shredded in a slow cooker with plain old BBQ sauce…

2014-04-15 18.18.30

Noodles cooked, then baked, in hot, bubbly, cheddar-y goodness (with a drizzle of Sriracha, obviously)…

2014-04-15 19.04.302014-04-15 19.32.43

Doesn’t get much better than that! I feel like this just needed some cornbread or grits to make it a southern-style comfort meal. So good!

2014-04-15 19.37.07

Tonight’s dinner, brought to you by Chris. We debated who cooked more for each other tonight after I suggested he cook stuff like this more often. We actually split the duties pretty evenly, but I tend to cook things that will only last for that one night (sometimes there are leftovers), while he cooks big batches of food that will last a week. I get tired of eating the same thing several nights in a row, so I’ll usually cave and cook something different for myself by the third night, haha. I think that mac & cheese might make me change my tune, though…

Anyone else split up cooking with a significant other? For those single-and-lovin’-it folks out there, do you cook for yourself in big chunks or one at a time? Or is takeout easier?

Hope everyone has a great evening!



2 thoughts on “Southern Comfort Food

  1. I haven’t tried chicken in the slow cooker yet. I love the idea of mac and cheese on the side, but we’re having salad laden tortillas with pulled pork on top. I like to balance it out with greens. Is that very un-Southern?

    I have a strange obsession for Southern food considering I’ve never been to the USA. But I suppose New Zealand is one of the most Southern countries in the world!

    I love cooking so I do the cooking at our house, but he cleans and I delegate simple cooking tasks. I have a big hunk of pulled pork on the go right now. I called my husband up before to check on him and the pork. Poor thing is alone at home breathing in pulled pork aromas. I permitted him a taste of the pork for being a good sport.

    • Yum! Pulled pork sounds amazing…I will definitely have to try that next. Adding some greens is probably a smart idea, too, haha. That’s so cool that you’re from New Zealand! I have always wanted to visit 🙂

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