Running Gear

Happy almost Friday! Not to rub it in, but I’m lucky enough to have tomorrow off of work, so today is my Friday 🙂

Last weekend, when Chicago was hit with an awesome “heat” wave (anything above 50 is considered warm, now, let’s face it), I decided to take the running outdoors for the first time since the Shamrock Shuffle. I ran about 4 miles total on the lake path and it felt awesome!… Though, I could have done without the wind.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not usually a big outdoor runner. I’m a fan of the climate control and ability-to-watch-TV-on-my-iPad-ness that comes with running indoors, on a treadmill. So my run outside was complicated by a few unforeseen circumstances that I was hoping I could get your advice on – I will assume all our readers are massive outdoor marathon runners, obviously.

How do you carry all your shiznit? I want to be able to have water, my phone/headphones, keys, ID, and some cash (in case I need to emergency cab it back home, haha) with me, but I have no running pants with that kind of storage capacity. When I ran last weekend, I wore shorts with pockets for my phone and keys, but I felt like they were pulling my pants down the whole time and I was constantly adjusting for that. I also went without water, which was not ideal.

I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with a Camelbak, even though I see lots of people using them. As a compromise, I was considering something like this:

I think I’d have to adjust to carrying something around my waist like that, though. But it seems like it would solve my issue. Another alternative would be a handheld version like this:

Creepy hand not included.

Anyway, those are the options I’m currently considering, as well as running capris with actual pockets to put stuff in and hold them in place better than my baggy shorts.

Any fellow runners out there with experience with these fancy contraptions? Who has fun plans for the holiday?

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!



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