Workout Clothes

For the record, I had no idea Tina was planning a post on Running Gear. Great minds think alike? šŸ˜‰

Yesterday during my lunch break, I ran over to Old Navy on State Street (Chicago) to grab a few items.

2014-04-17 17.33.04

Last Sunday, I started at a new yoga studio, Barefeet Power Yoga, in the West Loop. There’s a $30/month unlimited package for new students so I figuredĀ I’d sign up. More on the yoga studio later!

I realized that all my workout clothes were in the laundry hamper/washing machine so I didn’t have anything to wear for my class at 6pm. I’ve done hot yoga in a regular cotton tank and cotton pants before…not recommended.Ā Ā Shopping time! I also picked up some socks to combat my missing laundry issue.Ā This is the danger of working so close to State Street (and Michigan Avenue).

Question(s) of the Day: Where do you guys get workout clothes from? I usually stick to places like Old Navy and Forever 21 for shirts/tanks/shorts since they have a lot of cheap options now, but all my fleecesĀ are from The North Face. Ā Are the $60 Lululemon tanks worth it? What do you like to save/splurge on?

~ Tia



3 thoughts on “Workout Clothes

  1. While lululemon can be pretty expensive, I’ve managed to snag some good finds from eBay and the lulu outlets! Target is also a great option for inexpensive workout gear; my best crops and leggings are from their Champion brand and I find that they’ve never faded after many washes šŸ™‚

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