Gotta Get Down on Friday

Rebecca Black = totally underrated. Although, this version from Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert is lightyears better:

That is to say, Tia and I had a pretty epic Friday night with Meghan and the guys. The whole crew came over to Chris’s place and there was plenty of imbibing, eating, and trivia. Chris played bartender:

2014-04-18 20.28.54

2014-04-18 17.47.43

Not a party without some deep dish pizza and cake (next time, I vote that we combine them and get one of these, though, amiright?):

 2014-04-18 19.47.16 2014-04-18 19.47.09

2014-04-18 22.05.59

And then we showed off all our useless knowledge by crushing it at this game:

2014-04-18 20.37.28

Also, fun conversations were had, including, but not limited to:

  • The outrageous cost of chairs for a wedding
  • If Captain America gained his superhuman strength and speed while staying physically scrawny
  • The impressive versatility of Channing Tatum
  • Tia’s love of Loki and her excitement over Avengers 3 (What happened in Avengers 2?)
  • How it’s easier to come up with celebrity girl crushes than guy crushes
  • The sad trend of girls being more attracted to guys wearing wedding bands
  • A possible cruise trip??? (Joyce, we’re looking at you!!!)

And so much more…Who else has friends that you talk about the most random stuff with? Any gems to share?

Happy Saturday!



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