Movie Review: Transcendence

Nothing beats a morning matinee, especially the ones you can catch during a weekday you have off work 🙂   That’s why, instead of heading to the daily grind last Friday, Chris and I watched Transcendence.


The verdict?

Not great.

And let me say, I enjoy most movies – good and bad. I’m a big believer in the suspension of disbelief and the benefit of using movies as a little, entertaining escape from reality. That being said, I fell asleep (in the middle of the day!) during this movie and that NEVER happens!

The plot revolves around Johnny Depp’s character, a leading researcher of artificial intelligence. When his life is threatened, his wife and friend (played by Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany) attempt to upload his consciousness into a computer so that he can continue “living,” even if he physically dies. Kate Mara also has a supporting role as Zoey Barnes (House of Cards ref!), if Zoey Barnes were part of an anti-artificial intelligence terrorist organization. I almost forgot that Morgan Freeman is also in it, which should tell you how much he was underutilized.

Anyway, it is VERY slow-paced and while the ideas in the movie are interesting, it never quite gains traction. This is the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, best known thus far as frequent cinematographer of many Christopher Nolan films. I can’t help but think that Transcendence would have been much better with Nolan at the helm.

1.5 out of 4 stars. Check it out on a free Redbox rental code day, if you must.

Anyone else watch Transcendence and disagree with me? Has Johnny Depp done anything else noteworthy since Pirates of the Caribbean besides getting engaged and looking smelly?



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