A Few Weekend Meals

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a fun and delicious weekend!

On Friday, CJ and I were supposed to go to his coworkers’ apartment (his coworkers are dating/live together) for dinner, but we were all so hungry, we ended up eating out at Yum Cha instead. We went there a few weeks ago for dim sum, which I thought was  pretty good, but I was less than impressed with their dinner options/prices. $3 for a tiny bowl of rice to accompany your stir-fry!

Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken

Eggplant and Shrimp

Eggplant and Shrimp

Chris’s coworkers have an amazing rooftop deck overlooking the lake and Navy Pier. Hopefully they’ll have us over BBQs this summer! 🙂

Today, CJ and I went to Yolk again for brunch.

I had a Kale Scrambler with egg whites, caramelized onions, and tomato…and burned potatoes.

2014-04-27 12.07.35

(I asked for another side of potatoes, and they obliged).

Sunday has been pizza night for us recently.

Tonight, we had a Margherita pizza and the Bianca pizza, which has prosciutto and arugula. And green juice. 

2014-04-27 17.40.31


2014-04-27 17.40.57


Also…watermelon! The mini watermelons are so cute. This is my favorite way to eat ’em. Ask Tina…she’d always find half a watermelon with a spoon in the fridge when we used to be roomies.

2014-04-27 21.59.34


Any week night favorites? Pasta Tuesday? Taco Wednesdays?

~ Tia



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