Hi Friends!

So I’ve been thinking about getting Invisalign.


I never had braces growing up…my teeth aren’t terrible, but I’m starting to notice more alignment issues, especially on the left side of my mouth. Not sure if this has something to do with my wisdom teeth coming in.

I don’t think I want to deal with braces right now…or ever. I’ve heard nothing but painful stories. I’ve heard better things about Invisalign…less pain, less obvious, easier to eat…and a few bad things…smelly breath, hard to speak, expensive.

I have a 6-month cleaning next week, so I’ll ask my dentist if I would be a good candidate, but in meantime, I’m interested in hearing about everyone’s experiences with braces or Invisalign.


How long did you have them? Did they impact your day to day life? Worth it?



One thought on “Invisalign?

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