Halibut, Spinach, and Mashed Potatoes (no butter!)

Hi All,

I went running today! I finished up my monthly pass of unlimited yoga, so I’m back to working out at the gym. I decided not to renew my yoga pass because the studio I’ve been going to is limited to hot yoga. I’m not super keen on the idea of doing hot yoga in the summer when just walking down the street is a feat.

Next week is the Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile run. Apparently, Tina isn’t actively training for it since it’ll be easy-peasy for her, but I haven’t run in over a month. I ran a little over 2.5 miles today before it got too hot. They really need to turn up the AC!

Anyways, I tried to make a healthier dinner with very little olive oil and no butter.

2014-05-12 18.19.302014-05-12 18.20.04

Last week, I made frozen ahi tuna fillets, and they turned out kind of tough. These were great though! CJ and I also ate while watching Cutthroat Kitchen. Have you guys seen that show? The chefs sabotage each other’s dishes. One guy had to make Sloppy Joes with halibut…and he also didn’t have bread. He ended up making these baked potatoes stuff with halibut. It looked good, but definitely wasn’t a Sloppy Joe. 

2014-05-12 18.49.34

I used Yukon Gold potatoes which are creamier and more flavorful than russet potatoes in my opinion. I cooked them in the microwave with water, and then mashed them with a fork (with some garlic salt and a tiny bit of cheddar cheese).

I seared the fish in a pan sprayed with a little olive oil, and the spinach was cooked with soy sauce and garlic.

2014-05-12 18.49.39

Anyone else watch Cutthroat Kitchen? What kind of oil do you cook with? Olive? Peanut? Sunflower?



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