Sunday Funday Recap

Some days, it’s just too nice outside to stay indoors. Especially in any area where the weather can flip on a dime, you gotta take advantage of the sunshine while it’s out!

Yesterday I ventured out to some relatively unexplored (by me) neighborhoods. First stop was at Smoque BBQ in Irving Park, where Chris and I promptly gorged ourselves on delicious pulled pork, brisket, and classic BBQ sides:

2014-05-18 15.32.35 2014-05-18 15.32.01 2014-05-18 15.32.09

*drool* So good…

We stopped by Wicker Park on our way home to check out Wormhole Coffee, a quirky little cafe full of references to nerdy (but awesome!) things like comic books and classic sci-fi movies from the 70’s and 80’s. There’s even a Delorean, of Back to the Future fame, inside, which is how I first found out about this place. Anyway, definitely a must-try for fellow fans of Marty McFly.

Who else had a fun weekend? I hope things are looking up for this upcoming Memorial Day!



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