Vincenzo’s Pizzeria

Can you tell I’m on an Italian/pizza kick?

Recently, I’ve made pizza and pasta and even spaghetti sauce.

And CJ and I also went out for pizza. We’ve been meaning try some nearby restaurants we always walk by, but have never eaten at.

On the list? Vincenzo’s Pizzeria.

The verdict? It was average. We ordered a Margherita pizza and the “Four Seasons” which had roasted peppers, artichokes, prosciutto and mushrooms. CJ also ordered a mini BBQ chicken calzone  –  I wish I could tell you how it was, because we were served the pepperoni calzone instead 😛

We were the only people there for a while, before a large group of drunk friends of the waitress walked in and proceeded to yell at the top of their lungs the entire time they were there.

2014-05-25 21.14.08

2014-05-25 21.14.12

We probably won’t be going back!

Go to any restaurants lately that fell short? Any that exceeded your expectations?



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