Salmon, 3 Ways

I’m 2 days back from another adventure-packed trip to Michigan this past weekend. Chris and I survived an elaborate engagement party, fantastic Polish food, and a horrible bus driver. But we’re back in the Chi 🙂

Last week, we got super schmancy in the kitchen with some salmon that I had bought and was looking to use up.

2014-05-25 19.56.22


That’s right, folks, we made 3 varieties because that’s how we roll.

(Actually, we had a bunch of leftover ingredients from other things we were trying to use up before our trip.)

We baked 3 filets, 1 with steak seasoning and chopped onion, 1 with cajun seasoning and orange peppers, and 1 with paprika and minced garlic.

2014-05-25 19.56.14 2014-05-25 20.23.40


Served up with some steamed broccoli, each version was super yummy. I think I liked the cajun/pepper combo the best, because I like a little spice. The garlic one was good, but the flavor was surprisingly not super strong. More garlic next time!

Do you guys like mixing things up in the kitchen from time to time? My dad is a big proponent of “creative cooking,” and is a whiz at throwing things together that we had on hand at home to make a delicious meal.



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