A Friendly Visit

Tia and I, and the rest of our NU crew, were so excited when our friend Joyce announced her upcoming visit to Chicago from Florida. We knew the weekend would be full of good company and, of course, good eats.

We started out at Caffe Oliva, a cute, outdoor, beach-side restaurant. We got some drinks and apps, served by a questionably chipper waiter – like, I’m fairly certain he was under the influence of a little sumpin’ sumpin’, if ya know what I mean, haha. Or maybe he was just super relaxed, who knows? Anyway, it turned out to be gorgeous and warm that day, so it was hard to get us down when we could finally enjoy the outdoors in the Chi.


Next stop was second lunch at my apartment building’s annual resident (and guest) party! Chris and I have been out of town the past 2 years for this, so we were psyched we could finally attend (we’re big fans of free food). Can’t say no to a good cookout.


Then we decided to stop eating…haha, just kidding. We headed over to the Taste of Randolph for some more grub, including this bad boy from the Publican booth:

2014-06-14 19.37.19

Delish. Some of our group were not so lucky to find food they wanted, so we grabbed some other options on-the-go, and ended our night with some rousing games.

2014-06-14 23.21.39

On Sunday, we wanted to see if we were sick of BBQ yet, so we got the whole gang together at Lillie’s Q.

2014-06-15 12.26.33

Uh, yum. Wouldn’t kick that out of bed.

I know this post was all about food, but it was so great catching up with Joyce and having her as a pseudo roommate over the weekend 🙂 It was awesome having her unique personality back in our lives again (maybe one day you’ll find out about her crazy food scale!)…

Who else uses hosting visitors as an opportunity to eat a ton? It’s like a bonus to getting to hang out with your pals!



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