Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

When we were at Lillie’s Q a couple of weekends ago, CJ commented on how he really liked their sweet potato fries. I tasted them, and I thought they were good, but too salty. I like my French fries salty – in my opinion, sweet potato fries should be sweet.

I decided to recreate them at home…using a giant sweet potato from the grocery store.

2014-06-29 17.49.31

I added brown sugar, cinnamon, olive oil, vanilla extract, and tossed everything well. CJ said it smelled like I was baking a cake.

2014-06-29 18.02.05

I baked them at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. This was served with BBQ chicken tenders and, fresh corn cut off the cob (cooked with a little butter).

2014-06-29 19.01.35

2014-06-29 19.01.47

What are your favorite fries? Mine would have to be garlic fries, with some truffle oil. Mhmm.



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