Lunch Fun

I try to pack my lunch during the work week as much as possible, but usually end up buying at least once. As soon as I realized I forgot to pack today, I set my heart on Saigon Sisters at the French Market (conveniently located across the street from my office!). Although they are known for their Vietnamese Banh mi sandwiches – which I have tried and they are awesome – I couldn’t get these noodles out of my head:

2014-07-24 12.21.55


They are so simple, yet flavorful – I tried them vegetarian a few weeks ago, another time with pork belly, and today with carmelized chicken. Each variation has been excellent and the portions are great! Pro tip: If you don’t have these with meat, you get the same amount of food, but half the price! Even with meat, it’s only about $8.

Anyway, just thought I’d share a bit about my work day. When I wasn’t eating today, I was getting all up in some Excel spreadsheets, but that’s a post for another time 🙂

What’s your typical lunch look like? Packed? Bought? Skipped? <–Crazies! Get outta here!



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