Dinner Party + Game Night

Hi Everyone! How was your weekend? I had a nice little staycation today, since I had a summer day to use up. I basically just ran errands and did laundry, but it was nice to sleep in!

My weekend started on Friday, when my company loaded us up on school buses to go to a nature museum for a camp-themed party…with an open bar. We were specifically asked not to post any pictures from the event on social media.

On Saturday, Tina and I had the following convo on Gchat.

Tina: what are you guys up to today?
Tia: no plans
Tina: if you want to hang out, chris has a new board game and we can play CJ’s game
Tia: do you guys want to come here?
Tina: sure
Tia: do you want to get dinner first? or dinner down here? or i could make dinner
Tina: ooh, making dinner sounds fun
So dinner and game night it was! I threatened to make my amazing quinoa dish, since Chris claims to hate quinoa, but I settled for a version of my 10 Minute Tilapia & Spinach with Yukon Gold Potato Fries with black pepper, garlic, and truffle oil.
2014-07-26 18.31.51
Awkwardly posing with a box of chicken stock….
2014-07-26 18.32.25
Pretending to smash Tina in the face with said box of chicken stock?
2014-07-26 18.32.39
 Tina brought 2 bottles of wine (and brownies!)…and posed for pictures while I labored away at our meal. Just kidding.
2014-07-26 18.32.55
2014-07-26 18.31.14
2014-07-26 18.31.10
2014-07-26 18.42.41
 After our tummies were full, we broke out the board games.
CJ and Chris always get super competitive, so Tina and I jokingly claim that we don’t like playing with them.
First up, Munchkin, a humorous game that involves fighting monsters.
2014-07-26 19.57.40
2014-07-26 19.58.04
And then, Pandemic, a cooperative board game where all players band together to prevent four diseases from wiping out the world.
2014-07-26 21.47.44
2014-07-26 21.47.44
Tina made faces while the boys were bogged down with figuring out game rules/details.
A successful night! Sometimes the best nights are the impromptu ones!
Do you make spur of the moment plans with friends? Do you have double dates at home, and what meals do you  serve? What’s your favorite board game? 

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