About Us


Tia on the left, Tina on the right

We met as two freshman at Northwestern University and bonded over statistics problem sets and Heroes (Yes, we were that cool). Eight years later, we are still in Chicago and can’t seem to stop eating Flat Top Grill, especially after (or in place of) yoga.



Born and raised in New England, I transplanted in the Midwest for college and haven’t gotten sick of it yet! I work in marketing for a great company where I discuss such topics as saggy boobs, butt cracks, and raccoon nipples (seriously). When not getting into shenanigans with Tia, I can be found watching copious amounts of TV or hunting for funny videos online, often with my main guy, Chris. I also like to work out, but I like eating more, so…wish me luck on that!



I’m from the suburbs of Atlanta, GA and moved to the Chicagoland area to attend Northwestern University where I majored in Economics and Communication Studies and minored in Business. Currently, I work for an advertising agency for a client that I’m not really supposed to talk about. My favorite activities include hanging out with Tina and our other friends, watching movies/TV, cooking and trying new restaurants, and obsessing over handbags and shoes. In my boyfriend fiancé CJ’s opinion, I also enjoy watching football and talking about football.


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