Luck of the Chi-rish

While St. Patrick’s Day isn’t officially until Tuesday, we all know the real party was this weekend. I hope everyone is successfully recovered on this lovely Sunday funday.

You’ve seen how Tia and I celebrate a lowkey version of St. Patrick’s Day, but this weekend was party central because Chris’s high school and college friends were in town for the weekend and you know you’re in for some fun stories when that happens. Let’s just say that one of them might have thrown up on Tia once.

The crew arrived Friday night and we ended up at Three Dots and a Dash, which you might remember from that time we ate some funky chips. There was much imbibing.

Photo Mar 14, 12 23 22 AM

Banana dolphin!

Afterward, we searched for some late night eats and ended up at Taco Burrito King. To be honest, I had never heard of this place, but the out-of-towners we were with had rave reviews. It was an order-at-the-counter Mexican place and while all the food looked decent, Chris and I just split some chips and salsa. The salsa was nice and spicy. Unfortunately, we think one of our friends got food poisoning from the burrito he ate here because the poor guy got sick and had to stay in all of Saturday. So, buyer beware!

The rest of us, fortunately, were well enough to hit up some house parties bright and early Saturday morning. I sent this picture to my friend Joyce, whose drink of choice is Bailey’s.

Photo Mar 14, 9 16 58 AM

She replied, “Right now?!” and I realized that it was 9:17am. Hey, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

The rest of the day followed in typical fashion. At the first party we went to, we could see into another apartment across the street where an unattractive naked man was walking around, baring all in front of his floor-to-ceiling windows. That’s confidence right there. Chris and I started off with his big group of friends and we slowly lost track of them until 3pm when we headed back to my place to chill until the gang found each other again.

Another St. Patty’s in the books. My only regret is not having a green beer, but I guess I still have until Tuesday to track one down.

How was your weekend? Follow-up question: Shamrock Shakes should be available all year round, right?